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Proposition 8 Would Jeopardize Dialysis Patients’ Lives

September 16, 2018 | CALmatters | by Dr. Theodore M. Mazer

California physicians pay close attention to policies that negatively impact patients and decrease access to quality healthcare. Proposition 8 would be as bad for patients as anything we have seen in a long time. Proposition 8 would put the lives of vulnerable dialysis patients at extreme risk by causing severe cutbacks in services and even

Prop. 8 Goes Too Far, Interferes with Medical Care

August 23, 2018 | Riverside Press-Enterprise | by Thomas Elias

Suppose for a moment that your favorite relative — father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother or sister — were getting urgently needed cancer treatment and California’s government suddenly decreed the doctor could not include his assistant’s pay in any fees he charged. So he fires his assistant and then has less time to devote to caring

Dialysis Patients Could Be in Jeopardy If Current Proposed Legislation Succeeds

August 16, 2018 | Burbank Leader | by Sue Germaine

There are two proposed pieces of legislation that if placed into law would leave myself and thousands of other dialysis patients across California with reduced access to care and the treatment we need to survive. Both Proposition 8, which will come before voters this fall, and state Senate Bill 1156, which is pending in the