Proposition 8 Excludes Key Caregivers 
and Jeopardizes Access to Care

Prop 8 narrowly defines what insurance companies are required to reimburse dialysis clinics for patient care. In fact, Prop 8 excludes critical staff and services necessary to provide high-quality care, as well as services required by federal regulators.

Legitimate patient care expenses EXCLUDED by Prop 8 include:

California Prop 8 2018 excludes physician medical directors in dialysis clinics.

Physician Medical Director

  • Accountable for quality of care, safety of equipment and facility
  • Oversight for all patient care and clinic quality
The dialysis ballot measure excludes nurse clinical coordinators.

Nurse Clinical Coordinator

  • Assists with implementation of patient care plans
  • Accountable for adherence to certain CMS regulations, including infection control and monitoring vital signs
California Prop 8 excludes dialysis facility administrators.

Facility Administrator

  • Manages all operations of a clinic, overseeing an average of 30 employees and up to 40,000 dialysis treatments each year
  • Responsible for ensuring clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction
Prop 8 CA excludes staff who help kidney patients navigate insurance options

Staff Who Help
Patients Navigate Their
Insurance Options

  • Educate patients on available insurance options
  • Advocate for patients when insurance companies refuse to cover health care costs
Kidney disease education including diet charts for kidney patients are excluded by Prop 8 2018.

Community-Based Kidney Disease Education

Prop 8 2018 excludes clinical research including diet for kidney patients.

Clinical Research

Prop 8: Dialysis ballot measure excludes regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

CA Proposition 8 2018 excludes security for dialysis clinics

Facility Security

Prop 8 2018 excludes recruiting


CA Proposition 8  excludes payor contracting

Payor Contracting

CA Prop 8 2018 excludes human resources.

Human Resources

CA Proposition 8 2018 excludes non-clinical information technology

Information Technology

California Proposition 8 2018 excludes professional services

Professional Services
(Accounting and Legal)