Oppose Proposition 8

This dangerous measure would jeopardize access to care for vulnerable patients on dialysis throughout the state.

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Prop 8 Puts Vulnerable Dialysis Patients At Risk

Dialysis patients cannot survive without regular treatments three days a week, four hours at a time. With demand for dialysis growing at about five percent a year in California, patients already have difficulty finding appointment times convenient and close to home. Prop 8 would result in clinic closures and cutbacks in services, forcing patients to travel long distances or end up in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms to receive care. Research shows that missing even one dialysis appointment increases the risk of death for dialysis patients by 30%.

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Opposed by a Broad Coalition

The American Nurses Association / California, California Medical Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, California chapter, patient advocates and others all oppose Prop 8 because it is dangerous for dialysis patients.

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Prop 8 Excludes Services Vital to Providing High-Quality, Comprehensive Care

Proposition 8 narrowly defines what insurance companies are required to reimburse dialysis clinics for patient care. Prop 8’s definition of “patient care services costs” prohibits clinics from billing insurance companies for critical staff and necessary services required by federal regulators for operating a clinic. Prop 8 excludes:

  • physician Medical Director
  • nurse Clinical Coordinators
  • staff who help patients navigate insurance options
  • community-based kidney disease education
  • regulatory compliance
  • facility administrators
  • facility security
  • non-clinical information technology
  • professional services like accounting,
    human resources, payroll and legal
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All Californians Negatively Impacted

As dialysis clinics shut down, options for treatment would be severely limited. This would force patients to seek regular treatment or treatment for complications in more expensive hospital emergency rooms, meaning more ER and hospital overcrowding, and potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in higher costs for Medi-Cal and Medicare to treat dialysis patients – and higher costs for taxpayers.

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Prop 8 is An Abuse of Initiative System

Prop 8 is being funded by United Healthcare Workers West (UHW) union as part of an attempt to pressure dialysis clinics to unionize workers.

Since 2012 UHW has spent $35 million in California and other states on more than 20 punitive state and local ballot measures in an attempt to force healthcare providers to accept their union organizing and contract demands

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