Prop 8

Jeopardizes access to dialysis care patients need to survive.

Here's Why

Who Says NO on Prop 8

More than 120 organizations including patient advocates, veterans, community
groups and health care providers oppose Prop 8.

“Patients on dialysis have kidney failure and are very sick. These patients cannot survive without regular treatments. Prop 8 dangerously reduces access to care and places vulnerable patients at serious risk.”

Marketa Houskova, RN, Executive Director,
American Nurses Association\California

“For patients whose kidneys have failed, receiving dialysis is necessary to live. Missing even one appointment could be fatal. By limiting access to dialysis care, this dangerous Prop 8 puts patients’ lives at risk.”

Theodore M. Mazer, M.D., President,
California Medical Association

“By reducing access to dialysis care, Prop 8 will leave this fragile population no choice but to go to the emergency room for treatment or increase their risk for life-threatening complications. It’s dangerous.”

Aimee Moulin, M.D., FACEP, President,
American College of Emergency Physicians, California


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